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“You are the Light for the Whole World. A city built on a hill cannot be hidden. No one lights a lamp and puts it under a bowl; instead he puts it on the lampstand, where it gives light for everyone in the house. In the same way your light must shine before people, so that they will see the good things you do and praise your Father in Heaven.” -– Holy Bible – Mt. 5:14 – 16.

Holy Cross H.S School, Silchar, standing by the National Highway 54, is a premier Educational Institution in the North East.  For more than five decades, the school has exhibited relentless academic endeavour and brilliance so as to become one of the most sought after educational Institution in the Barak Valley. Starting from its inception in 1966, the school has groomed innumerable students hailing from myriad walks of life. Transcending barriers of ethnicity, religion, language and caste, the Institution has given birth to generations of cultured citizens, innovative leaders, responsible statesmen and contributors of peace of this country. This, is indeed, a unique matter of pride for any Institution, and our heart brims with delight as we rejoice in this achievement. 52 years have not been an insignificant period. Over this time, the school has seen through many phases of struggle and resistance, and has gradually carved out a profitable platform for itself, wherein it stands tall, untarnished, unfurling the banner of humanitarian service which has forever been its supreme motto.

Holy Cross HS School owes its credited origin to those Holy Cross Fathers and brothers who had surrendered themselves most unselfishly to monitoring this noble mission. Fr. John Martin and Br. Gerard Arseneault were the two noble souls who had played a pioneering role in the establishment of the school. The school, at its rudimentary stage, was a small, Khasi Medium primary and middle school. Subsequently, it got transformed into an English Medium Secondary School. In 1970, the Bethany Sisters were entrusted with the task of managing and nurturing the budding school. These Pioneers were the true torch bearers, who toiled devotedly to restore numerous souls from the ignominy of intellectual and moral darkness. Mother Sylvine, an unforgettable name, rendered her dedicated service to Holy Cross for 13 long years. Under her able guidance, the school grew up from strength to strength and merit to merit. Most Rev. Bishop Denzil D’Souza, the first Bishop of Silchar Diocese, made valuable contribution in the development of the School. The present Bishop of Aizawl Diocese, Most Rev. Stephen Rotluanga, also has been a constant source of inspiration in ensuring the smooth functioning of the School. I owe my deepest allegiance to these noble souls for their unselfish devotion and profound sense of commitment towards the Institution.

A school holds paramount importance in the life of a human being. It is that platform where a student discovers his or her identity. As an Institution with a difference, Holy Cross has always strived not only to spread the light of intellectual education among the students, but also been to fashion citizens who would enlighten the society with their high values and generous spirit. We have always strived for the integral development of students. Every creative venture has been encouraged and promoted, with the result that, be it in academics or sports or cultural or any other co-curricular realm, the Holy Crossians have left their mark everywhere. Today, the ex-students of Holy Cross are holding respectable positions in society, and with their essential goodness and magnanimity, they are keeping the Light of Holy Cross shining brightly wherever they go. This only bears testimony to the enduring influence which Holy Cross School has in the hearts of all those who have passed through its portals.

The dedicated teaching staff and supportive personnel have been blessings for the Institution. With abundant skill, fidelity and collaboration, they have ensured that the school meets all needs and challenges. The parents and community members have been a constant encouragement, helping us to further our missions, financing our ventures, and doing everything needful to transform visions into realities. Together they have formed the extended Holy Cross Family to care for and groom our students into morally upright beings and competent citizens. The sense of belonging has helped us cross all difficult milestones with ease and conviction.

Over the years, the Institution has witnessed unprecedented growth. The school premises have been enlarged, classrooms have been re-modelled, EDUCOMP SMART Classes have been successfully installed, and many more modernized schemes are in the process of implementation through raising of more resources. Teacher-student collaboration has increased greatly, and digitalized learning processes have lent education a new dimension.

I am happy and privileged that I could be a part of this Institution during a period of holistic growth and all-round development. I have seen many petals unfolding, and wholeheartedly wish that this onward stride may continue undaunted in the future.  The banner “Let your light shine” has always been held high, in an unflagging manner. From various corners, challenging situations cropped up, but the school transcended all boulders, with the benign blessings of the Almighty. Today also, it is with the abundant grace of the Lord that we have been able to launch this exclusive website, which can serve as an enriching guide to the multifaceted aspects of Holy Cross. I welcome all of you to visit this website and explore the vibrant horizons of Holy Cross. May the website be a reflection of all our past years of struggle and achievements, and may it be a torch-light of information for all those who wish to have a loving feel of its holy portals. For generations to come, may our mission be a beacon of enlightenment, and may the moral light keep shining forever. Finally, I quote an inspiring verse by a poet: 

 “The road ahead is long and with no ending; yet I will seek with my will unbending”

Sr. Caron BS

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